Question and Answer Section

One feature that I think will be particularly useful to visitors is the ability to post questions regarding micropiles. Post a question as a comment to this section and I will repost it with an answer (if I know the answer). I will delete the comment after I repost it with and answer. Be patient, your question may require some research.

One thought on “Question and Answer Section

  1. We are drilling 7″ micropiles in close proximity to each other. Some of the micropiles have hit pinniacles, solution voids, or air voids. These micropiles have had to be abandoned. The holes were lost that were drilled and most of them have collapsed in or have been filled with drill spoils from surrounding micropiles. Our abandonment procedure says these holes are supposed to be filled with grout. My question is “if these holes are not grouted will it hurt the structural integrity of the surrounding installed micropiles?

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