A Thought for the New Year 2012

This post is the first of the year for 2012, the first in a while…, and one that has absolutely nothing to do with Micropiles; but is one I felt compelled to post as I believe it has great relevance for all of us.

I was given a book by a mentor of mine at the end of the year. I havent read the whole book but there was a particular statement that I was reading that jumped out at me this morning. The book is “The Power of Many” by Meg Whitman. I honestly don’t know that much about Meg Whitman but there is a great deal of truth in what she says about values in business…

“There is a myth – at least I believe it is a myth – that great success demands that we give up, or at least fudge, our relationship to what most of us recognize as decent, commonsense values. Honesty. Family. Community. Integrity. Generosity. Courage. Empathy. (I would add Faith.) As we climb the corporate ladder, the myth tells us, we have to step on people, stretch the truth when it fits our agenda, and make heartless decisions based only on the bottom line. We are not supposed to ask what is the right thing to do, but rather what is the best for our careers or to burnish our reputation.”

My hope for us all in the new Year is that we will not buy into the myth. Over the past years when economic times have been challenging, it has been easy to fall into the trap of doing what we feel is required for survival without regard for what is right. It is my belief that many of the woes we currently face are based on individuals making decisions based solely on self interest.

My challenge to all of us for 2012 is to look at the situations that we face through the lens of truth and that our decisions will be based on right concepts as opposed to self interest. Let us press forward fearlessly guided by right action and truth that we might forge a better future for ourselves and those around us. Happy New Year!